*** Hi Guys -- Live Shows Have Been Stopped For A While! I'm not sure when everything will return to normal at this point! There has been some really silly delays in the best laid plans to move the Fun Bus Depot. Cheers Party Pete ***

Live radio (mistakes included) every Saturday Night from (Coming Soon)

The Fun Bus departs 7Pm AEST for 5hrs of Fun & Frivolity!
To listen simply click the web player below when the show is on. All other times you will hear Station X.
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(AU) Ph 1800 823 626 (Free Call) | (USA) Ph 1888 330 7848 (Toll Free) | (UK) Ph 0808 101 3455 (Toll Free)
(Updated 14/11/16) Click here to check out the tracks already loaded into the Fun Bus overhead compartment and ready to go!
Not on the list? No worries it's possibly laying around here somewhere (just takes me longer to find it).
Email - studio@sncpm.com.au | Facebook | Voice Message

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